Welcome friend! We are so glad you're here!
Welcome friend! We are so glad you're here!
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The Resilient Heart Collection

At Moody and Peachy we created the Resilient Heart design as a response to our own life events and that of our friends and family.

Resiliency is the ability to get back up when we are knocked down, even if getting back up takes awhile. Life at times can feel like it breaks us; damages our hearts, our very souls. The cracks and holes in our spirit may need time, support, and effort to heal.

We promise you though, you are not broken.

We are bringing in guest bloggers to talk about their struggles, their stories; as well as sharing some of our own. We may share how we've worked through these challenges, or share how we are working through a continued struggle.

This isn’t super hero stuff, this is every day life stuff. (Although if you think of yourself as a super hero we LOVE it! After all, who doesn’t want to dramatically drop down from the sky and correct wrongs and make people feel safe and secure?)

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