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Guest Blog by Kara

My name is Kara.

I am a Mom of four boys, a wife, and a recovered addict of 15 years. My recovery from addiction was a hard fought battle and also a journey of hope and personal growth. And it’s a story that I tell and share without shame.

It started around the age of 20. I made a decision to try a drug that would lead me down a very dark path. Little did I know that one moment would change my entire life. What was once a feeling of being superhuman quickly turned into a feeling of doom and destruction.

Drugs took over my entire world. I was no longer the person everyone knew but a shell of a human who would lie, cheat, and steal to get my next fix. The happiness I once had was gone and so was my instinct to be a good person. It took losing everything - my kids, my place to live, and my job to get the courage to fight for my life. I entered a rigorous outpatient treatment program that allowed me to gain the tools to recover while also being able to work and visit my kids. That fight was long, scary, and overwhelming at times but it was so worth it.

Throughout my 15 years of recovery I’ve continued to grow. I’m a mom who uses her voice to advocate for my sons for both their education and for their health and well being. Our life is busy, with almost daily sporting events (in non-pandemic times) and I’m probably the loudest cheerleader in the stands. I never would have imagined 15 years ago that I would have the amazing relationship with my kids that I do now.

I’m the wife to a husband who overcame addiction with me and together we have spent the last 15 years building a family that means everything to us.

I’m a working mom, having built a career as a recruiter, doing a job that I am not only passionate about but also helps people find their ideal job.

I fought hard for my kids and my family, but they also fought hard for me. I’ve learned not to take the small things for granted and that I was blessed with an amazing support system. I believe that addiction was a journey that I was meant to walk through.

Through all the ups and downs and heartbreaks I have experienced in my life I always knew that I could overcome it even on days where it felt like I was drowning. It is important for me to be an example and to show people that recovery is possible and you are not alone. I work hard everyday to be the best Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, and Aunt that I can.

Whatever journey you are on, you never know who may be listening, who you may inspire, and whose heart might need to hear what you can share.

If you or someone you love needs help, here are some resources available:


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